//DMARC report

DMARC report

What is DMARC report?

DMARC is a standard dispatch authentication system. DMARC helps correspondence directors help hackers and other bushwhackers from burlesquing their association and sphere. The DMARC total reports contain information about the source that transferred the communication, the sphere that was used to transfer these dispatches, the transferring IP, the quantum of dispatches transferred on a specific date, the DKIM/ SPF transferring sphere, the DKIM/ SPF authentication result and the DMARC result.

Who Should Use DMARC reports?

Reports tell you which dispatches transferred from your sphere are authenticated by SPF and DKIM. Reports also let you regularly review who is transferring correspondence on for your sphere, and can warn you to implicit spammers. Review information in the DMARC reports to corroborate that dispatches from your sphere are transferred by authorized waiters, and pass authentication checks. As you understand how entering waiters authenticate dispatches from your sphere, consider changing your policy from none to counter blockade or reject.



  • Access mortal-friendly  reporting tools to descry phishing, dispatch spoofing, and sphere phony while perfecting deliverability
  • Design a white- marker result to cover customer disciplines with real- time cautions and an easy- to- use



  • DMARC Report protects dispatch disciplines against fraud and helps ameliorate compliance and deliverability with enterprise- position reporting.
  • With DMARC Report, it’s super easy to hide dispatch configurations for suspicious exertion.
  • It will stop non-compliant emails before they hit inboxes.
  • This high- volume tool can secure multiple disciplines for your guests or your business and report on robust analytics from the intuitive dashboard.
  • You can guard outbound correspondence to hide your sender character.
  • The platform automatically generates aggregate and forensic data reports that track any DMARC failures for your disciplines.
  • Still, DMARC Report will shoot trouble alert announcements to any dispatch address that must be within the circle, If suspicious exertion is detected.
  • Access incident details, dispatch content, and dispatch metadata to incontinently probe the vicious IP address and resolve security issues.
  • And with full control over platoon operation, you will be suitable to configure reports for various brigades and stakeholders, so everyone can act snappily.





  • DMARC Report also offers subdomain bus- discovery to assist you identify which DKIM records are transferring emails on behalf of these disciplines.
  • Just founded timed updates or automatic cautions to remain on top of recent subdomains and insure you fleetly attack security issues.
  • You can indeed work the Correspondence Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security (MTA- STS) protocol, which encrypts incoming dispatches and keeps common pitfalls out of your inbox.
  • You can use DMARC report back to make unique data doors where guests can pull report data on their own.
  • Add your company totem and sphere name to supply a white- marker platform that you simply can resell to your guests.
  • DMARC report tool is the best tool for protecting your email from any fraud attackers.
  • Whether it’s for guests or internal disciplines, you will be suitable to pierce a catcalls- eye view of all dispatch exertion and keep tabs on new transferring sources.
  • Comprehensive DMARC reporting keeps all of your disciplines safe from cyberattacks — and that we mean all of them.
  • DMARC Report helps you cover any sphere from security pitfalls with robust reporting features and real- time cautions each from one stoner-friendly platform.
    Streamline your cybersecurity.

Best for:

  • IT/security agencies
  • Marketers
  • Marketing agencies

Alternative to:

  • DMARC Analyzer
  • On DMARC
  • Power DMARC


Main Features:

  • Aggregate reports
  • Full Total and rhetorical reports
  • API and contrivance embeds
  • DMARC precis timeline coverage
  • Groups and brigades
  • Subdomain and DKIM very important bus- discovery
  • MTA- STS hosting
  • TLS- RPT reports
  • 90- day retention
  • Dissect dispatch business
  • tailor-made waking and coverage
  • Meet compliance norms
  • API vittles, operation, and coverage on disciplines
  • Apply DMARC programs
  • Emplace DMARC report
  • GDPR-compliant
  • White label

Important Notice: We recommend that you always use reports when you turn on DMARC for your sphere.