//Blits.ai at $79

Blits.ai at $79

Easily build and manage chatbots with conversational AI

With conversational AI, chatbots are simple to create and maintain.

Though not all of us are capable of creating sophisticated robots, the ideal chatbot should be as expressive as R2-D2. (You can hear the beeping? That indicates a technical issue.

Without extensive coding abilities, it could appear as though you’re trapped answering countless questions in order to maintain client satisfaction.

If only there were a conversational AI platform that made it simple to create functional bots without the need for coding.


Method is as follows:

Create bots and deploy them on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, SMS, Slack, Alexa, Google Assistant, and email.

Create, train, and deploy speech and chatbots for any application, including customer service, buddy chatbots, and everything in between.


A low-code, conversational AI ecosystem called Blits.ai enables you to create, train, and use chatbots and voicebots for a variety of purposes.

You may build chatbots with Blits.ai using pre-made templates or by starting from scratch using the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Analyze performance metrics to enhance entity and intent models, ensuring that your bot really satisfies user requirements.

Additionally, you’ll be able to create chatbots and voicebots whose voices precisely suit any given circumstance.

With cutting-edge AI, create engaging bots for your company.

Additionally, Blits.ai smoothly changes across all significant AI suppliers.

Choose from a wide range of suppliers, like as Amazon, Wit, and Rasa, to make sure your bot is constantly using the most recent AI technology.

Even better, you can mix and match different AI suppliers using the Blits.ai abstraction layer to make your own own AI Engine concoction.

Making your own bot is simple as well. Simply specify the straightforward queries or phrases that users will ask, then use machine learning to train your bot to react appropriately.


Additionally, you will have the option to choose action blocks and create discussions with actual clients in mind.

Build your ideal bot by combining the features of several AI providers like Amazon, Wit, and Rasa.

With the help of the chit-chat module, you may increase engagement and transform uninteresting text discussions into lighthearted, casual dialogues.

Advanced natural language processing (NLP) bots may be created that comprehend client conversations and get better at conversational skills with each engagement.

Best of all, anytime it gets stuck, your bot can transfer the chat to a live agent.

Create the conversation’s flow and teach your bot to provide precise, natural-language-processing-based responses.

Blits.ai has a ton of security capabilities, including the capacity to set sector-specific filters to guarantee that sensitive data is never sent to AI Engines operating in the US.

In order to comply with European GDPR requirements from the beginning, obtain user consent and mask personal data.

You may also relax knowing that your business and client information are completely safe because this platform’s enterprise-grade security guards your site around-the-clock.

Maintain GDPR compliance and get users’ permission before processing their personal data.

You can practically take care of your consumers in your sleep with the aid of a powerful chatbot. (I’m having a power nap; don’t tell anyone.)

You can construct interactive, responsive bots for handling consumer contacts with Blits.ai, streamlining communication.

Make your discussions automatic.

Access Blits.ai for life by signing up today!


Plans & features

Deal terms & conditions
  • Lifetime access to Blits.ai.
  • Choose the plan that’s perfect for you with no codes or stacking restrictions.
  • Upgrade or downgrade between three licensing tiers.
  • Activate your license within 60 days of purchase.
  • Only for new users of Blits.ai who do not already have accounts
  • Available channels include Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, SMS, Slack, MS Teams, Alexa, Google Assistant, Email, Kick, and Phone.
  • Guaranteed money-back for 60 days.
  • For two months, give it a try to see whether it’s suitable for you.

Features included in all plans

  • Two AI engines (Rasa and Wit)
  • AI engine expenses
  • Bot hosting charges
  • 98.0% SLA (Uptime)
  • Framework import and export
  • Blits.ai branding removal
  • Self-guided training
  • To better manage all of your chatbots and voicebots, use the one Conversational AI Ecosystem.


Our Guarantees

  • For all usage cases Build and implement any use-case, whether it is internal or aimed at customers. There will be no more hopping between platforms as requirements change.
  • Future evidence Any of your bots may have many conversational AI suppliers running at once.
  • Low coding is not required; simply drag and drop your bots. Facilitate collaboration between IT professionals and citizen programmers. Between bots, copy and paste.

For a new wave of builders

Construction of chatbots is no longer limited to IT. The entire organization must have skills to create the greatest bots. Our ecosystem facilitates cross-functional cooperation and equips centralized teams with the resources they need to exchange knowledge and uphold standards of quality and control.

Every use-case

All of your company’s internal and external use-cases are supported by our ecosystem.

No matter if it’s in the areas of marketing, sales, facilities, legal, risk, finance, innovation, IT, or customer service & support.

We have your back.



OUR workings:


Advanced NLP/NLU-based bots that truly comprehend what your users type or say may be trained and built.

  • Low Code Builder

An up-to-date drag-and-drop interface that allows the entire organization to quickly and easily develop bots


Create templates to share lessons learned throughout your business to improve speed and quality.


Based on how well your bot performs in practice, choose an AI vendor. Low outcome? In five seconds, fix. Works for any supported vendor, including Wit, Rasa, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and others.

To adhere to European GDPR requirements, obtain user consent and mask personal data before it is forwarded to non-EU AI service providers.


Utilize many AI providers at once by combining them utilizing our abstraction layer.


Any technology you already use can move talks to a human representative (and back) if a bot gets stuck.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business and client information is safe with our enterprise-grade security, which is manned around-the-clock.

Blits is a low-code Conversational AI Ecosystem that unites the AI strength of several companies into one platform, including Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, IBM, Rasa, Wit, Amazon, Stanford, and Nuance.

Build, train, and deploy chat- and voice-bots at scale with Blits for any use-case.

Build a bot that has the ideal speech tone for your target audience first, and then work on improving the underlying AI technology.

With “Blits Automate,” you can automatically provide your bots with the most cutting-edge AI technology that suits your use case, helping you to stay one step ahead of the competition.